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Do you remember being in school and having to choose what extra-curricular classes to select? You would never think of the impact this choice could have on the  rest of your life! In 1981 when I was in grade 9, I stood in this situation. What should I choose? "Ah there is something different" Photography. Little did I know how consumed in this  subject I  would become! After taking my first roll of film, came the quest of developing it and then standing at the enlarger trying to put my first picture on paper. After exposing the paper to the  light from this contraption and putting it in the tray with the developer. Standing there seeing a picture suddenly appear, was like magic and I was addicted. I would spend hours taking pictures, then going  down into the darkroom to see the magic on paper happen. This place of peace and darkness became the place I could go to be myself and let my creativity out. Creating something  that no one  else had done from a picture that I had taken was like something I had never experienced before.

This was how I got my start in photography and have committed a large portion of my life too.

In 1984 I attended Vestbirk Højskole in Denmark, where I studied Photography and visual arts. 
Since graduating I have worked in a variety of area's and country's in Europe.
In 1994 I moved back to Canada and settled in Corner Brook Newfoundland & Labrador. after moving to Corner Brook, I put photography on the back burner for a few years.

In 2011 made the transition from film to digital photography and began taking pictures on a regular basis, however when I started talking to other photographers in the area, I discovered that there  was no where to go for people to talk about photography or learn how to take pictures. So in 2012 I created "Around The Humber Photo Club" and started teaching photography to beginners.

I wrote a simple training guide, that would make it easy for students to use. An continue to write and re-evaluate my manuals, to ensure that they are up to date and easier to understand and follow. Currently I have five different courses that all go hand in hand, to ensure the opportunity for students, to continue learning and improve.
Photography is an art form, ever since I started to take pictures in 1981. I have worked on perfecting my craft. The change to digital photography has provided more options to perfect pictures to ensure customers the image they desire.

I specialize in Landscape and Nature photography, Offer services to Communities, Businesses and Organizations, by providing Promotional services and Pictures.

Teaching is one of my passions and I have written a complete training manual, designed to help Novice and Intermediate DSLR user take control over their cameras. Currently my courses are offered at College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook & Stephenville in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada.

Awards & Acheivements.

Canadian Geographic Great Canadian Quiz 2018


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